The Woman Carries Her Wishes

“The woman carries her wishes” is my personal experience of living in a patriarchal society. In some countries like my country, Iran, and especially in the Middle East, it is so difficult to live as a woman. You always feel a kind of discrimination everywhere in society.
As a woman, I have worked hard to achieve my dreams and goals. Twice as much effort as a man! To be independent, to catch my dreams, to travel alone, to be free, to have my own chooses, or to make a normal living such as other girls all around the world! But there are many women who, due to their society, family, and cultural conditions, are forced to live against their wishes and desires. There are many women who are forced to get married, having children, there are many women who are not allowed to work, to present themselves in society, to have freedom as much as men have! For them, All their desires are like a baby that is always carried but never born…