SHOOKA (roe deer) is a species of deer that is small and reddish. SHOOKA widespread in northern Iran. In Persian culture it is a symbol of beauty and feminine tenderness. Beautiful eyes are often compared to their eyes in Persian literature. Concept & Logo Designer: Shaghaiegh Fakharzadeh Logotype Designer: Mobina Nurollahi Client: Shooka Beauty Salon

The feature that distinguishes this Shooka Beauty Salon from others is its green and natural atmosphere. Swiss Plants are used a lot in the salon decoration and interior design.

TEXTURE: Texture can be used in outfit or interior designs but rarely. It is inspired by sign as a symbol of leaf form and natural shapes. BUSINESS CARD: Use the logo on a full color photo. The photo should be a composition of a woman and leaves. In case that using woman photo is not legal, use the logo on a natural texture of Swiss Cheese Leaves.